Operating a Draft Cider System

Homebrewers, home kegerator owners, and bar or restaurant owners are all interested in dispensing equipment that maximizes the output of hard cider and eliminates excessive waste byproducts. At Northwest Draft Technicians, our dispensing equipment consists of quality components, and the beverage towers we build are completely customizable in terms of style, finish, and the number of taps. Our technicians in the Portland, OR, area can help you decide which design is most appropriate for your delicious draft cider.
To install a custom tower or draft cider line, let us help you see which system of ours best complements your business. Our team provides outstanding features that include growler stations, drip trays, custom keg cabinets, and other technology.

Draft cider in a draft system
Our expert technicians install, clean, and maintain these finely-tuned systems to ensure the ciders taste their best and are at the optimal level of carbonation.

How Draft Cider Operating Systems Stay Cool

It’s awful to sit down for a nice, relaxing glass of cider and get a lukewarm drink. Many older kegerators and refrigeration units cannot produce appropriately cold draft cider. Not only that, but many older towers can’t deliver the consistent carbonated kick that’s required for a memorable, crisp cider. Customers who don’t enjoy their drink are not likely to try another one or come back to your establishment, so it’s important to have quality products to dispense your draft cider.

Our new kegerators and the air- and glycol-cooling product lines provide enough power to ensure the drinks stay cool. Cool, crisp ciders keep customers happy and solidify your reputation for outstanding cider. A lot of components work together to keep the cider at the appropriate temperature.

The three types of towers most enthusiasts and restaurateurs favor are the kegerator, the long-draw glycol-cooled system, and the long-draw air-cooled system. The kegerator is kept near the drinks, so it is ideal for smaller spaces. The other two products allow producers to store cider elsewhere and bring it to the tap. The long-draw systems are either cooled by glycol or cold air that’s blown through the system.

Bars, restaurants, brewpubs, and personal clients who partner with us always see high yields, low waste, and drinks that taste fantastic. Having a great draft system that reliably produces a cold, delicious cider will keep customers coming back, boosting your bottom line.

How to Maintain a Cider Draft Line

One factor that’s key to keeping cider on draft involves maintaining the cleanliness of the machines. Our technicians are trained in the latest draft line cleaning technology. We offer the recommended bi-weekly, quarterly, and annual cleaning services in the Portland area. Our company is local and family-owned, so we are happy to help you maintain your equipment and build a reputation among Portland breweries and brewpubs.

Customizing a Cider Draft System

One of our latest developments is the chance for those who partner with us not only to experience the benefit of owning premium beverage dispensing equipment but opportunities for customized branding. There are several ways to incorporate personal design into our pouring systems, which vary from customizing the towers to branding your system with your establishment’s logo. Northwest Draft Technicians can use the latest laser-cutting technology to help our brewers customize their systems.

Call Us to Get a Draft Cider Line Installed

It’s clear to see that craft cider drafts require dispensing systems that keep the product chilled and appropriately carbonated. Northwest Draft Technicians can ensure these systems are operating correctly. And there’s ample room for creativity when it comes to the branding, design, and stylistic features for a custom tap system.

If you are in the Portland, OR, area, our technicians offer an array of services and help pub owners efficiently dispense their products. We’re also available to troubleshoot and inspect current systems to see whether an upgrade is necessary. When it comes to your draft line, it’s important to have a functioning system and not lose profits to clogged lines, wasted products, and lost customers. Contact us for a free consultation.

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