Draft Beer System Customization in Portland, OR

Make sure each pint you serve has the crisp, fresh taste that your customers expect. If you’re looking to serve draft beer, wine, cocktails, or other craft beverages, you’ll need a reliable dispensation system for keeping your product cold and fresh. At Northwest Draft Technicians, we design customizable draft beer systems for customers throughout Portland, Oregon.

Design and Installation for Draft Beer Systems

At Northwest Draft Technicians, we’re well-versed in designing and installing many types of draft line systems. Our team works closely with each client to determine the optimal system for their bar or restaurant, taking into account their size, layout, and amount of cooler space. There are three standard types of draft systems:

Direct Draw

A direct draw system, also known as a short draw, is best for moving beer from a keg to a tap over a short distance. A kegerator is the most common example of a direct draw system. The keg is stored in a refrigeration unit, keeping the beer cold. Carbon dioxide helps propel beer from the keg up through the draft line.

Long-draw Glycol Cooled

This is the most complex type of draft system, but it’s also a popular choice because it allows beer to be stored up to 500 feet away from the taps while still staying cold. Typically, kegs of beer are stored in a walk-in cooler and are connected to the beer tower via a “trunk line” that allows both beer lines and coolant lines to flow alongside each other throughout the system. The beer and coolant never mix, but the glycol coolant keeps the beer cold and fresh. A pump circulates the glycol through the system, keeping the beer at a consistent temperature.

Long-draw Air Cooled

Instead of glycol coolant, this type of draft system simply uses the chilled air from where the keg is stored (usually a walk-in cooler) to keep beer in the draft lines cold. A forced-air blower moves the air through a duct running between the cooler and the beverage tower. Though it’s less expensive than a glycol-cooled system, it’s usually only recommended for transporting beer along a line of 25 feet or less.

Build Your Brand with Customized Equipment

Once you’ve selected the best type of draft system for your space, let Northwest Draft Technicians help you customize your system and use your client-facing equipment to market your business. Put your own stamp on your draft system by adding your business name, logo, or motto to the following:

  • Beverage tower: We offer a variety of draft beverage dispenser towers to meet the needs of each bar setup. Choose your style, finish, and number of faucets to create a tower that’s tailored to your space.
  • Beverage walls: Northwest Draft Technicians can design and install a fully customized self-serve beverage wall so that your customers can choose their preferred beer, wine, or cocktail.
  • Drip tray: A drip tray installed below a beverage tower keeps your bar area neat and clean. With our custom laser cutting service, you can incorporate your logo into the tray.
  • Growler stations: Adding a growler-filling station to your bar or brewpub allows your customers to take their favorite draft beer home with them.
  • Keg cabinets: Perfect for a smaller space, these custom cabinets can hold kegs of all sizes. Northwest Draft Technicians can build a keg cabinet designed to fit seamlessly into your business, café, or event space.

Whatever your space needs, we’ll make sure your draft equipment is built to your exact specifications and your branding stands out.

Enhance Your Customer’s Experience with Help from Northwest Draft Technicians

Bars, restaurants, and brewpubs across Portland, OR, rely on Northwest Draft Technicians for effective, optimized draft line systems built to suit their needs. In addition to our design and installation services, we offer draft line system cleaning and maintenance to keep your draft lines running smoothly. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

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