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Draft Beer Tower Customization in Portland, Oregon

When looking to make a statement at your establishment, arguably nothing turns heads more than a custom draft beer tower. At Northwest Draft Technicians, we offer a large variety of beer dispenser towers to clients in Portland, Oregon, striving to meet the needs of each client’s specific bar setup. Whether it’s specific branding or custom beer drip trays, we work with you to customize the details so your draft beer system is exactly as you imagine it after installation.

Draft Line Cleaning

As you’re building up your restaurant or bar business, your draft beer system should be one of your primary considerations. A well-designed draft beer system will deliver superior taste and quality and keep your patrons coming back for more. Other advantages of custom draft beer tower installation include:

  • Unique branding options: When designing your custom beer tower, you can brand it however you’d like. From logos to badges to emblems, make your draft tower a marketing campaign.
  • Opportunity to correct design flaws: As not every establishment is the same, neither should every draft beer tower we design. Through our draft beer tower customization services, you can take advantage of unique spaces within your business or space that isn’t being utilized properly.
  • Great time for an upgrade: Designing a custom beer tower allows you to completely upgrade your system. With our top-of-the-line materials and high-quality products, you’ll not only have the draft tower you’ve always dreamed of but also receive a major upgrade to your current system.

Cleaning Your Custom Tower

Clean draft lines are critical in providing your customers with great-tasting beverages that are safe to consume. We here at Northwest Draft Technicians, provide our customers with year-round maintenance to ensure your draft systems are in tip-top shape. We create routine cleaning schedules, allowing your establishment to focus on delivering top-quality beverages on draft to your customers. These schedules are available on the following frequencies:

  • Biweekly: It is recommended your draft lines be cleaned every two weeks with a caustic, alkaline cleaning solution. Northwest Draft Technicians will happily take care of these cleanings for you so you never have to worry.
  • Quarterly: A deep cleaning of your system is recommended every three months or so using an acid cleaning solution to remove any build-up. Not only will we ensure these cleanings are scheduled and taken care of, but we will also clean faucets and sinks.
  • Annually: Annual checks of your system are conducted to inspect any potential issues that may occur and fix them before they do. Line inspections, draft performance tests, as well as any repairs and replacements, will all be taken care of by us.
  • On-call service: A potential problem can occur at any moment. That is why we offer on-call service to our clients so they can get assistance with any repair emergency that may arise.

Learn More about Draft Beer Tower Customization

At Northwest Draft Technicians, we are proud to offer clients in Portland, Oregon, customized draft beer tower installations. Our beer towers are manufactured to the highest quality in the industry, ensuring that every beer poured is properly chilled as it enters the glass. To learn more about our draft beer tower installation services, please contact us today.

Custom beer tower on a bar
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