FAQs About Systems, Services, And Draft Lines In Portland, Oregon

Northwest Draft Technicians wants your beer, wine, cocktails, and coffee to taste fresh. That’s why we install draft beverage systems for bars, restaurants, and home kegerators in Portland, Oregon. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our services.

What kinds of systems Does Northwest Draft Technicians design and install?

We work with you to design custom draft beer systems, and other beverages, that meet the needs of your physical location, whether it’s at a business or home. We also provide custom branding services with our partner, Steel Leaf Designs. Once the draft line design is perfected, it may include the installation of one or more of these systems:

  • Direct draw
  • Glycol systems
  • Forced air
  • Walk-in cooler organization
  • Growler stations
  • Customized beer towers
  • Custom kegerators
  • Self-serve beer walls
  • Keg cabinets

What are the differences between direct draw, glycol, and forced air beer systems?

Direct draw beer systems usually have a short distance between keg and pour, such as within a walk-in cooler, an under-counter refrigerator, or a kegerator. A glycol beer system is usually designed for long-draw setups, where the draft line travels 25 ft or longer. The flow of glycol in coolant lines keeps the draft beer lines and faucets cold. Forced air systems usually blow chilled air from coolers to keep the draft lines, towers, and faucets at the proper temperature for storing and serving beer.

Why is the beer foaming in my direct draw or glycol system?

Here are a few of the most common causes and solutions. Call Northwest Draft Technicians at 503-730-2989 for further assistance.

  • The temperature is too warm. The liquid temperature should sit at 38° F, with the glycol chiller between 28-34° F.
  • Draft beer line is kinked. Inspect the draft line.
  • Gas pressure is too high or low. C02 should be 12-14 psi. Mixed gas should be 24-26 psi.
  • Probe tip washer is missing — check the last keg for it.
  • There could be a C02 leak, or the C02 or nitrogen could be empty. Check the regulator in the cooler and shut-offs, the gauges on the C02 tank, the nitro tank, and under the Green Air machine. If the tanks are empty, they must be refilled or replaced. If there is a leak, contact Northwest Draft Technicians for replacement.

Why do I have to clean my draft lines?

No matter how hygienic your practices are, contaminants, such as yeast, mold, beer stone, and bacteria start to build up, affecting health, taste, and carbonation. That’s why it’s necessary to inspect and clean draft beer lines, as well as the draft lines used for other beverage systems. Northwest Draft Technicians provides maintenance and cleaning for draft lines.

How often do I need to clean my draft lines?

To maintain clean, fresh-tasting beer draft lines, we recommend cleaning every two weeks. In addition, a quarterly deep cleaning with an acid-cleaning solution removes stubborn build-up. Let Northwest Draft Technicians perform these services for you, including inspection of faucets and sinks, repairs, replacements, and even on-call services. This is the best way to please your customer’s taste buds, as well as increase the yield from every keg.

What do I need to install a home kegerator?

If you love good, fresh beer as much as we do, you’ve considered installing a home kegerator. And this also goes for non-hospitality businesses or homebodies who want to serve and enjoy cold brew coffee, cocktails, or wine. Just be sure you have the correct power source, which is a standard 115V plug and 15A outlet for power. Kegerators also require either carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas tanks for draft beer and other beverages. Northwest Draft Technicians can help you design and install a custom kegerator at your location.

How much maintenance does my home kegerator need?

Once you have installed a home kegerator, you will want to get as many properly chilled, delicious, carbonated glasses as possible from each keg. This is one reason for regular maintenance of draft lines because regular cleaning removes yeast, bacteria, beer stone, and mold that builds up. Since these elements can interfere with carbonation and taste, it may reduce the yield of each keg. Home kegerator cleaning and maintenance services are available from Northwest Draft Technicians.

Contact Northwest Draft Technicians in Portland, Oregon

Let the experts at Northwest Draft Technicians assist you. We help bars, restaurants, and home beer enthusiasts in Portland, OR, serve cold, fresh beer with well-designed and maintained draft line systems. If you want the best beer, wine, cold brew coffee, or cocktails for yourself and your patrons, contact us today!