Draft Line Cleaning in Portland, OR.

Cleaning your draft system is a small but sometimes forgotten step in good draft system maintenance. It’s also the most important step to provide great-tasting beer, wine, cocktails, and coffee to your customers. At Northwest Draft Technicians, we aim to provide fresh-tasting beverages to our local brewpubs, restaurants, and bars in the Portland, Oregon area that will keep visitors coming back for more. Let us help you with our regular maintenance draft line cleaning services at Northwest Draft Technicians.

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About Draft System Cleaning

After frequent use of your draft system, certain contaminants can build up along the inside of your draft lines such as yeast, mold, beer stone, and bacteria. A little build-up is normal, but when you neglect cleaning your draft lines, it can start to affect the taste of your beverages. Dirty draft lines can also cause problems with the carbonation and foaming of beer, which can deter customers.

Regular inspection and maintenance can ensure that the beverages you serve are up to your customers’ standards. At Northwest Draft Technicians, we offer long-term draft system maintenance solutions so you always have great-tasting beverages that your customers will love. During your consultation, we will ask you questions about your current draft system and what services you’re looking for so we can have a full understanding of what you need from us.

Year-Round Service

We understand that keeping your draft system clean can be a time-consuming process, especially while trying to multi-task other business needs. That’s why when you choose Northwest Draft Technicians, we will take the time to create bi-weekly, quarterly, and yearly cleaning schedules so you never have to stress about draft line maintenance.


According to draft system maintenance standards, you should have your draft lines cleaned with a caustic, alkaline cleaning solution every two weeks. Northwest Draft Technicians will schedule and do these cleanings for you so you never have to worry. We will use an electric cleaning pump to flush your draft lines, as well as disassemble and hand-clean your faucets and sinks.


Every three months or so, it is recommended that you deep clean your draft lines using an acid cleaning solution to remove any build-up stuck against them. Northwest Draft Technicians will not only ensure these cleanings are scheduled and done at the required time, but we will also do a regular maintenance cleaning of your faucets and sinks.


At Northwest Draft Technicians, we want to make sure that your draft system is running exactly as it should be. That’s why we will conduct yearly maintenance inspections so we can address any problems before they have the chance to do any serious damage. We will take care of line inspections, draft performance tests, as well as any repairs and replacements as needed.

On-Call Service

Problems can still occur between maintenance visits and cleanings, and Northwest Draft Technicians understands that most. To help, we offer on-call service to our clients so they can get assistance with any repair emergency that may arise. We will do line repairs, maintenance visits, and general troubleshooting at no cost.

Serve Better-Tasting Beverages with Our Assistance

When you lack cleaning and maintenance of your draft lines, this will allow excess amounts of bacteria to crawl into your system. This can alter the taste of your beverages in a negative way, which will decrease sales as well as the return of new customers. However, cleaning your draft lines every two weeks, as recommended, can strengthen the success of your business. Regular draft system maintenance can also give you greater customer retention so you can build a loyal clientele. To learn more about the additional services we offer in the Portland area, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Still on the fence?

A recent study shows that cleaning your lines every two weeks—as recommended by the Brewers Association—results in a 4% to 7% increase in sales growth.

Click the link below to learn more about the study’s findings.

Beer pours from a draft line