Annual Draft Line Cleanings in Portland, Oregon

Northwest Draft Technicians is committed to helping you provide the best-tasting draft beverages for your patrons. That’s why we offer a range of cleaning and maintenance services for bars, restaurants, and other establishments throughout Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding area. Our experienced technicians can offer a comprehensive annual cleaning so you can focus on what you do best – taking care of your customers. Learn more about our annual cleaning services.

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Clients We Serve

Since our founding in 2014, Northwest Draft Technicians has been proud to be a trusted resource for bars, restaurants, cafes, and brewpubs throughout the Portland, OR, area. Our technicians regularly clean and maintain draft line systems for:

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Cocktails
  • Coffee
  • Cider
  • Kombucha

We also handle the design, customization, and installation of these craft beverage systems. Northwest Draft Technicians is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to helping Portland maintain its reputation as a mecca for great beer and other craft beverages.

Benefits of Regular Draft Line Cleaning

Draft lines need to be cleaned regularly to keep your beer tasting great. Over time, contaminants can naturally build up in your draft lines. Brewers Association recommends cleaning beer draft lines every two weeks. The benefits of keeping your draft lines clean include:

  • Risk management: Contaminants like mold or bacteria could potentially make your customers or staff sick. Sanitizing your draft lines minimizes any health risks.
  • Better taste: When biofilms build up in your draft lines, they can negatively affect the flavor of your beverages.
  • Product integrity: Maintaining a clean system means that your customers can enjoy craft beer the way the brewer intended.
  • Reduced waste: Yeast buildup in your draft lines creates excess carbonation, meaning you’re wasting product (and losing money) on foamy beer.

Ultimately, whether you serve beer or another craft beverage, keeping your draft lines clean is one of the most important ways you can protect yourself and your customers, ensure the best product possible, and reduce waste.

Our Annual Cleaning Service

For many retail food and beverage businesses, labor is a major expense. Not every business can afford to allocate valuable staff time for cleaning your draft beverage equipment. That’s where Northwest Draft Technicians comes in. We provide a comprehensive annual cleaning service to ensure your draft system is operating at peak performance. During this yearly cleaning and maintenance service, our technicians will inspect every part of your draft line system. Our annual cleaning checklist includes inspecting the:

  • Dispensing tower
  • Taps
  • Drip tray
  • Beverage lines
  • Coolant lines
  • Couplers
  • Foam on beer (FOB) detector
  • Faucets
  • Sinks

Our team also runs performance tests to ensure your system is operating as it should. We will identify any parts in need of replacement or repair and can flag any issues for you before they become bigger problems. Finally, we will thoroughly clean your lines, faucets, and sinks. Our goal is to go above and beyond for each customer, with unmatched professionalism, reliability, and integrity.

Other Cleaning Services

Northwest Draft Technicians is available year-round for maintenance, cleaning, and support. Many of our clients are on a bi-weekly cleaning schedule so they never have to worry that dirty draft lines will negatively affect their products. We also provide a quarterly cleaning service for clients who want a recommended deep clean of their draft lines. Every three months, we’ll use an acid-based cleaning solution to remove any biofilm buildup in the lines. Lastly, we provide an on-call cleaning service in between regularly scheduled visits.

Draft lines ready for annual cleaning

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Bars and restaurants run on narrow margins – that’s why it is so important to reduce waste wherever you can. With clean draft lines, you can be confident that each pour of beer, wine, or cider will taste the way it is supposed to. If you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you with your draft beverage system, Northwest Draft Technicians is standing by. In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance services, we offer the following options for businesses throughout Portland, OR, and the surrounding area:

  • Full-service installations
  • Beverage wall and tower designs
  • Custom branding services

To learn more about our annual cleaning services or schedule a free consultation with one of our draft technicians, contact us today.