Bi-Weekly Draft Line Cleanings in Portland, Oregon

It seems that everyone is on the hunt for the latest fresh taste in Portland, Oregon. Whether it’s a new style of beer, coffee roast, or tropical juice cocktail, your customers want an authentic experience of the flavors and aromas. That’s why neglecting the draft lines in your beverage dispensary can affect the popularity of your restaurant or bar. Buildup in the lines may also reduce the number of glasses per keg or barrel, as well.

Northwest Draft Technicians of Portland, Oregon, offers a bi-weekly cleaning service for draft line cleaning that will make a positive impression on both bar managers and customers.

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Fresh Tastes With Our Bi-Weekly Cleaning Service

We’ve all had that experience of ordering a fresh draft beer or a beautiful glass of local wine and tasting something else. Those dull, sour, and bitter flavors are not what the winemaker or brewer intended. They have been introduced over time by proteins, bacteria, or mold. Yeast and beer stone are also common culprits for distorting taste and even clogging draft beer lines.

If your lines are dispensing beverages, they need to be cleaned. The importance of clean draft lines cannot be overstated. At Northwest Draft Technicians, we offer bi-weekly cleaning services. This means we’ll visit your establishment to clean the draft lines every other week.

How to Clean Draft Lines

We adhere to the highest maintenance standards, which dictate that draft lines be cleaned with a caustic, alkaline cleaning solution every two weeks. When you partner with Northwest Draft Technicians, you won’t have to keep track of the weeks or assign someone to take care of this task.

Our technicians are well-trained and experienced, and they know exactly how to efficiently handle bi-weekly cleaning tasks. In addition, we schedule these services at a convenient time for your establishment to avoid disrupting your busiest times of the day or evening.

We use an electric cleaning pump to flush the lines and also disassemble and hand-clean faucets and sinks. When we leave your premises, you’re ready to serve the best-tasting draft beer, wine, cocktails, and coffee drinks. The bi-weekly cleaning service is an excellent way to keep customers happy, as well as increase the yield of your beverage dispensing system.

Replacements, Repairs, and Other Services

In addition to the bi-weekly cleaning service, Northwest Draft Technicians offers several related services, including:

Quarterly Cleaning

Quarterly cleanings utilize an acid-cleaning solution to remove biofilm build-up in the draft lines. This deep cleaning removes mineral deposits and helps keep your system running well. Quarterly cleaning adds to the efficiency and extends the life of the lines and other components of the draft system.

Annual Maintenance

Our annual cleanings include comprehensive maintenance that thoroughly checks the whole system. This allows our technicians to replace parts that are worn, including the draft lines. By providing these annual cleaning and maintenance visits, Northwest Draft Technicians helps keep the drafts flowing for our Portland-area clients.

On-Call Availability

When our clients need on-call cleaning service and maintenance in between regularly scheduled visits, Northwest Draft Technicians is available. We handle emergency and line repairs and are ready to troubleshoot any other problems.

Draft System Installations

In addition to cleaning and servicing draft systems in the Portland, Oregon area, we provide custom installations. If you want to upgrade to a self-pour system for draft beer or add a wine draft system to your operation, we can help with planning and implementation. We’ll work with you to create a unique beverage dispensing system that fits the style and atmosphere of your establishment.

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Let Northwest Draft Technicians take care of your draft lines with our bi-weekly cleaning service. We’ll set up a convenient schedule that keeps the beer, wine, cocktails, and coffee tasting fresh and delicious. Offering services that include installations, cleaning, maintenance, and repair, we can help keep draft beverages on tap at your bar or restaurant. Contact us today.

Bi-weekly cleaning can preserve the quality of your draft lines