Quarterly Draft Line Cleanings in Portland, Oregon

Restaurants, brewpubs, and bars in the Portland Metro area want to serve their customers clean, fresh-tasting beverages. Isn’t that why you have a modern dispensing system that provides an exciting variety, the right temperature, and an appropriate degree of carbonation?

Northwest Draft Technicians can help you with the quarterly cleaning of draft lines, in addition to other cleaning, maintenance, and repair services. Our technicians provide these services with up-to-date technology and knowledge, keeping your draft lines in top shape so that you can take care of managing the drinks menu and service.

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Support Low-Waste High-Yield Systems with Quarterly Cleaning

When contaminants build up in the draft beverage system, the beer, wine, and cocktails you serve can taste funny or worse. If you notice a reduction in revenue or are pulling fewer drafts per keg or barrel, it’s probably well past time to clean your draft lines. Northwest Draft Technicians offers year-round cleaning services throughout the Portland, Oregon area, including bi-weekly and quarterly cleaning.

Our bi-weekly cleaning service is scheduled every two weeks and uses an alkaline cleaning solution. Quarterly cleaning is focused on removing build-up in the draft lines. These include beer stone, biofilm, mold, and bacteria. Build-up affects taste and carbonation and also narrows the volume flowing through draft lines. Resistance can develop and this can reduce the amount of beer, wine, or cocktails that you can serve from one barrel, keg, or container.

Northwest Draft Technicians recommend using an acid-cleaning solution to deep clean the beverage dispensing system every quarter. We have experience using this cleanser safely and making sure everything is flushed from the system. In addition, we inspect and clean faucets and sinks. This regularly scheduled cleaning helps protect your reputation, the dispensing equipment, and revenues.

Convenient Schedules for Cleaning Draft Lines

When your customers can depend on carbonated, delicious fresh beer every time they stop by, or look forward to consistent flavors in your pre-mixed draft cocktail system, word gets around.

With the services of Northwest Draft Technicians, you can make sure that your beverage dispenser is in good working order and keep the bar open. We work with you to develop a quarterly cleaning schedule that’s convenient for you and matches the volume of liquid flowing through your draft lines. When we take over the draft line tasks, bar and restaurant managers can get on with staffing, serving, accounting, cooking, and the many other tasks that demand their attention.

Professional Maintenance for Beverage Dispensary Systems

Northwest Draft Technicians also offers annual cleaning services to inspect the entire draft system. We conduct draft performance tests, make repairs with high-quality parts, and replace draft lines when necessary. This kind of careful attention to the system can increase both its efficiency and help it last longer. We help you take care of your investment so that it can contribute to your revenue stream for years to come.

On-call cleaning services are also available to our clients. Our knowledgeable, experienced technicians can troubleshoot problems and make emergency repairs. We work with you to help you stay open with flowing draft lines and clean-tasting beverages.

Installations and Expanded Services

If you’re ready to expand your beverage menu to include draft cider systems or draft wine systems, Northwest Draft Technicians can help you plan these additions. Our technicians are skilled in the installation of these and other beverage dispensing systems. We offer customization options, as well, so the new systems fit with your existing establishment and expectations.

Quarterly draft line cleaning ensures you provide delicious tasting beverages

Consult with Northwest Draft Technicians

If you want to improve the taste of drinks and get the highest yields possible from your draft system, let Northwest Draft Technicians assist with quarterly cleaning and maintenance services. We’re dedicated to helping restaurants, brewpubs, and bars in the Portland, Oregon area provide draft beverages that are consistently delicious and in demand with quarterly cleaning checklists. Save yourself time and trouble with our draft line cleaning and maintenance services. Contact us for a consultation today.