Draft Cocktail Systems

Draft Cocktail Systems Installation In Portland, Oregon

For generations, patrons have been able to enjoy pints of beer directly from the tap at restaurants, pubs, and bars. With a pull of a handle, bartenders pour the foamy goodness without reaching for a bottle or can opener. If a customer orders a mixed drink, however, the process has traditionally been less simple. Fortunately, with the invention of modern cocktail draft systems, you can give your clientele flavorful cocktails through dependable and easy-to-use draft lines. Northwest Draft Technicians is here to help restaurant and bar owners in the Portland, Oregon, area serve mixed drinks that taste great and are convenient to make.

What Are Cocktail Draft Lines?

Like draft lines for beer, a cocktail draft system allows establishments to serve large batches of pre-mixed drinks through a tap. Using a gas-powered tap line, cocktail systems make it easy for beverages to move from the keg. This simple system means bartenders won’t have to reach for three, four, or even five bottles just to make an oft-ordered beverage. Instead, they’ll reach for the tap handle and let the delicious creation pour straight into the glass. Bartenders will only need to add ice and garnish (if necessary) and serve, making for a convenient and time-saving transaction.

Even more enticing, these systems can work with a wide range of different cocktails, including the following:

You’ll be able to serve customers their favorites in a fraction of the time. With the use of liquid-insoluble nitrogen, you can even serve margaritas. While you may need to filter some mixes several times to avoid ingredient separation, these systems generally work with an assortment of popular drinks.

Advantages of Draft Cocktail Systems

Draft lines are an easy choice for businesses looking to innovate and maintain their reputation for quality service. Some of the benefits of having a draft cocktail system at your establishment include:

Saving Time

First and foremost, draft systems allow bartenders to make drinks faster. Whether it is a particularly busy night and you want to avoid customer wait times or your bartenders have other duties, such as checking on food orders, every second saved counts.

Increasing Profit

Because you’re able to serve drinks faster, this also means you’re able to serve more customers, helping you turn a larger profit. When a customer orders a cocktail containing five or six ingredients, a bartender will generally have to spend a minute or two expertly crafting their drink. And if there ends up being a line at the bar, some potential customers will look elsewhere, and you could miss out on valuable sales.


Draft cocktails can be a great draw for potential customers looking for a sleek, modern establishment to enjoy a drink. They also allow you to work on your own custom creations while keeping your unique recipes in-house.

Select Northwest Draft Technicians

Business owners ready for cocktail draft system installations can look to the professionals at Northwest Draft Technicians. Our main focus is to ensure your lines are clean, dependable, and tailored to your needs, helping each beverage taste exactly as it should. Our team will meet with you to learn your thoughts, explore your options, and craft a customized system that works best for you. Our company works with brewpubs, bars, and restaurants, and can even provide home kegerators to those looking to have a system in place at home.

Aside from just installing beverage lines, our team remains by your side through cleaning and maintenance services. Cleaning is an often-overlooked aspect of using draft lines, but it can be the difference between your cocktails tasting just right or all wrong. With regular cleaning and maintenance from the professionals at Northwest Draft Technicians, you can focus more attention on serving your customers.

Schedule a Consultation for Cocktail Draft Lines Today

Schedule a Consultation for Cocktail Draft Lines Today

Reach out to the experts at Northwest Draft Technicians for your cocktail draft system installation. Founded in 2014, our company is family operated and locally owned, ensuring that each of our customers receives personal attention. We look to build relationships with our clients and are dedicated to offering you great service for years to come. Contact us today with any questions or to book a consultation.