Draft Coffee Systems

Draft Coffee Systems Installations In Portland, Oregon

If you want your cafe, restaurant, or bar to stand out against others in the area, consider installing a draft coffee system. Combined with nitrogen capabilities, these systems create a highly unique coffee experience – and one that customers are sure to remember. At Northwest Draft Technicians, we specialize in draft beverage installations and offer several draft coffee solutions throughout Portland, Oregon. We’ll support you through every step of the installation process to ensure we meet your unique needs and wishes.

How Do Coffee Draft Lines Work?

One of the defining features of draft coffee is that it enables establishments to offer cold brew. This coffee-making method has existed for centuries, but it has garnered more attention in recent years, becoming a staple option at national chains and local coffee shops in the United States. Cold brew coffee is admired by many for its rich, smooth flavor. It’s also generally less acidic and bitter than coffee brewed the conventional way, primarily because cool water does not induce the chemical changes that occur when making hot coffee.

As the name suggests, cold brew is separate from traditional beverage products in hot pots, but it’s also different from iced coffee. Brewers create it by steeping ground coffee in room-temperature water for 12 to 18 hours, sometimes even longer. Then, they strain out the grounds and serve the beverage chilled.

A popular option with cold brew is the Nitro style, which refers to nitrogen. When nitrogen is mixed into draft coffee, drinkers receive a beverage like none other – a heavy flavor with a velvety quality and creamy top. Customers may also add milk, cream, or sugar to their cold brew as they would with a standard cup of hot coffee.

Benefits of Installing a Draft Coffee System

In addition to delivering unique, delicious-tasting beverages, draft coffee systems provide a host of other advantages, as well. Some of the other reasons to consider implementing draft lines for coffee at your cafe or restaurant include:


Coffee comes in many varieties, from seasonal lattes to plain black. You want to offer customers a wide selection of drinks, but the equipment needed to make hot coffee can sometimes take over your counter space. If you use separate pots for different types of coffee, as well as teas, your employees may have a crowded workspace.

Draft coffee systems dispel this concern by enabling establishments to serve multiple kinds of coffee by pulling the tap handle. They also make it easier to pour drinks quickly compared to using pitchers. They also do not require the same amount of storage, freeing up much-needed space at your bar or cafe. Additionally, cleaning these systems tends to take less time than washing pitchers or other conventional coffee-making equipment.

Less Waste

If you offer traditional hot coffee, you may have some left at the end of the day. With a draft coffee system, you have a place to put this excess instead of the sink. Draft lines may eliminate the need for single-serving cups, as well. If you allow customers to pour coffee themselves, having a draft system may allow them to fill reusable bottles or travel mugs. Ultimately, they promote less waste in your business, which benefits your budget and the environment.


Draft systems keep air from interfering with coffee as easily, which impedes oxygenation, a process that diminishes flavor. By better preserving the beverage, draft lines cultivate fresher, more flavorful, and longer-lasting coffee.

Increased Customer Interest

You can also get more creative with draft coffee, meaning you may leverage its features to draw in more customers. If a patron who has never tried coffee on tap comes into your cafe, suggesting they try it can make their experience more memorable. Plus, if they enjoy the drink, they may be more likely to come back.

Taste the Difference with Northwest Draft Technicians

When searching for high-quality draft lines, you want a reliable system that meets your unique needs and delivers delicious coffee for years. At Northwest Draft Technicians, we work diligently to build organized systems that reap your desired results. Our full-service installations include keg cabinets, glycol systems, growler stations, and everything in between. We also allow you to personalize with branding, drip tray customization, and other features to ensure the system matches your bar or restaurant’s aesthetic.

The key to your system’s longevity is routine maintenance. Since keeping your draft lines clean can be time-consuming, we offer year-round cleaning services, which include bi-weekly, quarterly, yearly, and on-call assistance. We’ll work with you to create a maintenance plan that fits your schedule.

Get the Ideal Draft Coffee System for Your Business

Experience the benefits of draft tea and coffee, as well as other beverages, by partnering with Northwest Draft Technicians. We’re a family-owned and operated business that has built a reputation for professionalism, integrity, and dependability in the communities we serve. Contact us today to learn more about our services and draft coffee in Portland, OR.