Draft Wine Systems

Draft Wine Systems in Portland, Oregon

You can conveniently serve glasses of premium wine to your customers with a draft wine system. By purchasing wine that has been placed in stainless steel kegs in the winery, and dispensing it glass by glass with state-of-the-art draft line systems, you offer a superior wine experience. And both you and your customers benefit from reduced costs and reduced waste. Northwest Draft Technicians provide installation of draft wine systems, as well as cleaning of the dispensing equipment and draft lines, in the Portland Metropolitan area.

Draft Wine Systems in Bars and Restaurants

There are several benefits to serving wine with a draft wine system in bars and restaurants. The cost savings are two-fold. There is an initial saving when purchasing wine by the keg, rather than wine that has been bottled. And savings are also realized by reducing the amount of wine that is wasted due to oxygenation, spills, breaking bottles, or the occasional wine taints associated with bottles. In addition, pre-setting pour sizes ensure a dependable number of servings per keg of wine, and servers are freed from spending time opening and serving from bottles.

There can also be savings in the amount of space required for the storage of wine bottles at your establishment. Similar to our customized beer systems, Northwest Draft Technicians will work with you to design and install a wine draft system that reflects the character and preferences of your business. We consider the size of your business, the layout of your space, and the amount of cooler space available when designing a draft line system that delivers optimum beverage service.

Expand Your Business with Draft Wine

Appreciation for wine is growing throughout the Pacific Northwest, and draft wine systems can help restaurant and bar owners meet this trend. Greater familiarity with wines made in Oregon, as well as increasing tourism, has customers ordering wine in Portland. With a customized wine draft system designed and installed by Northwest Draft Technicians, you can conveniently incorporate the preferences of wine drinkers and expand your customer base. In addition, it’s easy to set pours sizes to accommodate requests for tastings, samples, and even wine flights.
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Draft Wine Systems at Home

Wine enthusiasts enjoy having a properly stored, perfectly poured glass at home and when entertaining guests. With stainless steel kegs of wine from the winery, the amount of oxygenation is reduced. There’s no need to cork and uncork the bottle, so the wine tastes as it should from the first to the last glass. Home draft line systems, such as kegerators, offer discerning wine drinkers cost savings per glass while enjoying fine wines. Another winning feature of this system is that it reduces landfill waste. Wine kegs are reusable, reducing the production and labor associated with bottles, labels, and corks.

Services Required for Wine Draft Lines

Northwest Draft Technicians offers services to keep your business and home draft lines clean and functioning. Wine draft systems should be cleaned every two weeks, with an additional acid cleaning every quarter. This removes any buildup from the draft lines and keeps your draft wine tasting fresh and delicious in every glass. Our experts offer the easiest way to keep up this necessary routine, with regularly scheduled cleanings, inspections, and maintenance. Northwest Draft Technicians also offers on-call services for emergency repairs, unscheduled maintenance visits, and general troubleshooting, at no extra cost.

Choose Northwest Draft Technicians in Portland, Oregon

There are many advantages to serving draft wine at your business, and home. The taste of the wine is presented at its best, and it stays that way until the end of the keg. There are cost savings associated with the purchase price of the keg of wine, and the number of consistent, fresh-tasting glasses that can be served per keg. Serving staff saves time and labor without the need to open bottles or hand-pour glasses for guests. And there’s less wine wasted, and less trash in the landfill. Both businesses and homeowners will find assistance with the design, installation, cleaning, maintenance, and repair of wine draft line systems at Northwest Draft Technicians. Contact us today.