Home Kegerators in Portland, Oregon

As a beer enthusiast, you cherish time spent drinking your favorite draft beverages with friends at a brewery. With a home kegerator, you can bring this experience to the comfort of any room in the house. Northwest Draft Technicians dedicates our time and effort to helping bars, restaurants, and home brewers throughout Portland, Oregon, serve high-quality beer with organized draft systems. Our home kegerator installations simplify dispensing and accommodate numerous beverages.

Installing a Home Kegerator

When it comes to our home kegerator installations, we deliver exceptional service to ensure your system meets your unique needs. After evaluating the desired installation area in your home, we develop a design plan for your kegerator that makes it easy to access and move. We can also customize your kegerator to pour cold brew coffee, cocktails, or wine.

Besides beer tastes, aesthetics are a large part of a home kegerator’s appeal. Home draft systems come in numerous sizes, colors, and levels of quality, and we can help you determine which features are best for your situation. Additionally, we offer personalized beer towers that match your vision for the kegerator.

Requirements for Installation

Before installing a kegerator in your home, you must have the correct power source to support the system. Most home kegerators are energy efficient and will require a standard 115V plug and 15A outlet for power. Additionally, you will need either carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas tanks to achieve the distinct pour that comes with draft beer. As each gas produces a unique flavor and feel, you must consider which type to use for your favorite beverages.

A technician from Northwest Draft Technicians installs a line on a kegerator system

Maintaining Your Home Kegerator

As with commercial draft systems, the draft lines in home kegerators become infected with bacteria, beer stone, mold, and yeast over time. Without proper maintenance, these contaminants can affect taste, foam, and carbonation and ruin the unique experience of drinking draft beer. Therefore, it is necessary to clean your kegerator frequently.

Luckily, maintaining your home kegerator is an affordable process. With the proper beer line cleaner, you can eliminate impurities from your system and prevent the need for new parts in the future. However, it can be challenging to remember draft system maintenance given your various responsibilities at home. We offer draft line cleaning services to help you establish cleaning schedules and keep your home kegerator in pristine condition. If you experience any operational issues with your system, we provide repairs and troubleshooting to ensure you get the most of your kegerator.

Attain the Perfect Kegerator for Your Home with Northwest Draft Technicians

A home kegerator will enhance your passion for draft beer and allow you to host personal brewing events. If you wish to install a draft system in your home, turn to Northwest Draft Technicians for exceptional customer service. We are a family-owned and operated business that delivers unrivaled integrity and reliability to all our partners in the Portland, OR area.

Our high-yield and low-waste approach to draft systems ensure you receive a lasting installation, regular cleanings, and on-call assistance with maintenance.  To learn more about home kegerators and other beverage line services we offer, contact us and schedule a consultation with one of our technicians.