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Walk-In Organization in Portland, Oregon

If you plan to have a lot of draft beer tap handles, the best way to store and keep all those kegs cold is by having a dedicated walk-in organizer in your cooler. At Northwest Draft Technicians, we design customizable walk-in beer cooler organization systems for customers throughout Portland, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to help restaurants and bars serve beer and other draft beverages how they are meant to be served. Learn more about our walk-in organization coolers from Northwest Draft Technicians.

Importance of Dedicated Beer Cooler Space

Restaurants and bar owners serving a variety of draft beers already understand why refrigeration is important. But besides food safety, there are other reasons for having a dedicated beer cooler space.

While most beers like to be chilled at 36 degrees to 38 degrees (a perfect temperature to keep food chilled at as well), some ales need to be kept a little warmer. The higher storage temperature that ales need isn’t good for food safety. Not to mention, there is always a concern about cross-contamination of food when beer kegs need to be changed.

Installing a walk-in beer cooler can combat this problem, giving business owners the space to keep all beverages at the right temperature. It can also protect employees and customers and increase revenue for businesses.

Benefits of a Walk-In Beer Cooler

Staying organized can help your business run smoother, one of the biggest benefits of a walk-in beer cooler. Other benefits are:

Bar Efficiency

An organized walk-in cooler can lessen the time employees take searching for kegs. Organized beverage coolers can also make deliveries more efficient because there is dedicated space for each brand, distributor, and flavor.

Employee Safety

An organized beverage cooler can keep employees safe because there is reserved shelving for products and safe walking aisles for employees to navigate the cooler. The dedicated space for products eliminates the unsafe practice of over-stacking kegs, which can easily fall over and cause injury to a staff member or fall on other products and affect them.

Larger Inventory

When beverages are organized in a walk-in cooler, restaurant owners often find that they now have more space to offer a wider selection of draft beverages. More choices equal better options for customers. That’s a real win-win.

Reduced Waste

How often have you had to throw out a product because it was stuck in a corner and past its prime? With an organized walk-in beverage cooler, shelving makes it easier to keep older products upfront and accessible. It also makes it more convenient for employees to rotate newer stock to the back for use at a later date. Now, your staff doesn’t have to search for sell-by dates to figure out which product to use first — they’ll know the product first in line should be used before others.

Energy Efficiency

A walk-in beverage cooler can save an establishment money on energy bills because the cost to power a walk-in cooler is much less than the energy used to run multiple refrigerators. Industrial-grade walk-in coolers are designed with efficiency in mind, automatically adjusting the temperature to suit the products they are storing.

Customizing Walk-In Beverage Coolers

Once a business has decided to go with a walk-in beverage cooler for organizing their products, there are some decisions they need to make, including:

  • Size
  • Type of door
  • Number of doors
  • Type of lock
  • Shelving vs. no shelving
  • Location of the cooler
  • Number of coolers needed

The team at Northwest Draft Technicians is knowledgeable about walk-in beer coolers and can help a business choose what options are best for their establishment.

Choose Metro Portland’s Leading Draft Technicians

Founded by brothers Nick and Jake Klein, Northwest Draft Technicians has been around since 2014. We provide full-service installation and other services for bars, brewpubs, and restaurants looking to create customized solutions to keep the drinks flowing. We are a trusted resource with a team of technicians who handle everything in your beer draft installation, including:

Our offerings allow businesses throughout the area to continue focusing on doing what they do best — serving delicious, carbonated beverages!

Stay Organized With a Walk-In Beer Cooler From Northwest Draft Technicians

A walk-in beer cooler can be a big investment for bars, restaurants, and brewpubs around Portland, OR. However, this investment can pay off in the long run with increased revenue, better customer experiences, and streamlined business processes.

Northwest Draft Technicians is dedicated to helping our customers keep organized with a walk-in organizer to ensure all beverages stay cold, crisp, and in their proper place. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

Let Us Help You with Your Install

Being in the restaurant business can come with many stressors – and the technicians at Northwest Draft Technicians understand that most. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to providing efficient, quick, and transparent services. This way, business owners can receive exactly what they need to make processes run smoother. To learn more about our direct draw beer dispenser installation and replacement services, contact us today.

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