Beer Line Maintenance Services

Beer Line Maintenance Services in Portland, OR

If your bar or restaurant sells draft beer, it can be a big percentage of your revenue stream, but only if the beer is good quality. Having properly installed beer lines that are routinely cleaned and maintained will help keep your beer tasting fresh and delicious for your customers. Northwest Draft Technicians offers beverage line services, custom installations, and more services throughout Portland, Oregon, and we’re dedicated to keeping your drafts running smoothly and tasting great. Here, we’ll share more about the beer line maintenance services we can provide to your restaurant or bar.

What Is Beer Line Maintenance?

Selling beer at your bar or restaurant is nothing special, but offering great-tasting, delicious beer to your customers is a different story. When your customers know they can count on you to provide their favorite cold beer, your sales and revenue can increase. If you’ve ever ordered a beer and received one that was less than satisfying, chances are the beer lines were dirty and not well-maintained. It’s essential to keep your beer lines clean and well-maintained so your beer won’t taste old, sour, or just plain gross.

Once contaminants like yeast, mold, and bacteria start to accumulate in the lines, the taste, carbonation, and even safety of the beer can be affected. Beer line maintenance and cleaning can sometimes overlap because their goals are to keep the lines in working order. However, beer line maintenance is usually more about the structure and performance of the lines rather than just the cleanliness.

Beer Line Maintenance Services

Northwest Draft Technicians is a trusted business in the Portland area that knows the importance of cleaning and maintaining your draft line systems. We have the expertise to handle the cleaning and maintenance of draft beer lines and can take the responsibility off your shoulders so you can focus on business. Some examples of the beer line maintenance services we offer include:

  • Creating a cleaning schedule that matches your business’s needs, whether it’s bi-weekly, quarterly, or yearly
  • Performing annual line inspections to make sure there is no damage
  • Conducting draft performance tests to measure the temperature and pressure of the beers
  • Using an electric cleaning pump to flush your draft lines
  • Disassembling and cleaning all faucets and sinks

According to draft system maintenance standards, restaurants should also have their draft lines cleaned with a caustic, alkaline cleaning solution every two weeks and an acid cleaner quarterly to remove mineral deposits.

Cleaning and maintaining your draft lines is the best way to provide your customers with a delicious beer that looks good, tastes great, and will keep them coming back. Northwest Draft Technicians can handle the cleaning and maintenance of your beer lines in the Portland, OR area and we even offer on-call service and free general troubleshooting for your convenience.

Why Choose Northwest Draft Technicians?

With Portland being such a popular city for beer and the beverage industry, there are lots of companies for you to choose from. However, no one else will provide you with the above-and-beyond customer service and customer care you’ll get at Northwest Draft Technicians. Our family-owned and -operated business is dedicated to providing professional services that are reliable and organized. From custom beer installation design services to cleaning and maintenance services, our team members are fully trained and experienced to efficiently complete the job. We invest in high-quality parts that make all the difference and have developed an organized system that yields results. Northwest Draft Technicians is the place to call in Portland when you need service for your draft system.

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If you’re looking to increase your customers’ satisfaction and your revenue, keeping up with regular beer line cleaning and maintenance is one way to do so. Northwest Draft Technicians know the importance of clean and maintained beer lines to the taste of your beer. If you need help with your draft system in the Portland, OR, area, contact us to learn more or call 503-730-2989 to schedule your free consultation.